Monday, May 25, 2009

Are We Still Malaysian??

I had been thinking, after so many things happened in this country, the hesitation of me to carry on to write in this blog is building enormously.

I was and am thinking that would it make any different to change others, especially Malays to think of our contribution as a Malaysian Chinese, that we had been built the wellness and the wealthy of this nation to be so called a developed third world country by the European and States (but.... still not as civilised as them, as what they claimed) what is our contribution of all the money and golds that been invested by our ancestors to 'earn gold in Nanyang' or earning living in Malaysia or to be more precisely, by working night and day in mines field, estates and other fields of business, and as what had been claimed by Wikipedia "The Malaysian Chinese have traditionally dominated the Malaysian economy, but with the advent of affirmative action policies by the Malaysian government to protect the rights of ethnic Malays, their shares has eroded somewhat. On most counts, however, they still make up the majority of the middle and upper income classes. As of 2007, they constitute about a quarter of the Malaysian population.", and from what I had read from nut graph as what we had been treated by our parents during May 13, and how they survived from this deadly event that unwanted by most of the Malaysian but somehow initiated by some of the policitcal influence group of people, read here for more info on that for those who not yet born like me during the incident happened, is this what the country pay back to us for what we had contributed?

Sometimes I was wondering, when I read the paper that some of the Malaysian Chinese, even though they scored well in their SPM or STPM result, but when they applied to the local Universities for the courses that they wanted, they were rejected. And they have no choice, but to continue their study overseas. After they completed their degree, master and even PHD or DBA in overseas, and been recognised by the oversea's government or any organisation, Malaysia started to make noise that some of Malaysia not appreciated what Malaysia have done to them, the effort of nurturing the Malaysian had been benefited other country was the all grouse what we heard from the Minister when the talent from Malaysia had been 'discovered' by them accidentally.

Can we blame them for not returning back to Malaysia after they completed their study? Can we blame them not to pay back the love that they owed to Malaysia? Can we?

What can I do as a insignificant Malaysian who don't even want to involve in politic to assure the true justice? What can I do as a Malaysian to show our dissatisfaction as a Malaysian for the injustice in judiciary in Malaysia? As a layman, we are so scared to get involved illegal vigil with the held by the opposition party as we are scared to be in jail, we are soooo damn scared to be charged with ISA and there will be no justice to free us free, but upon the merciful of the current person in power to set us free.

These had became our weaknesses that the politicians will get advantages of it and keep on pushing the botton on. Once the scared button pushed, the Chinese will keep away as far as they can from oppostion. As what had been threatened by our current Datin to Terengganu Chinese folks, it had caused them don't even dare to vote for opposition party during the by-election, in Terengganu recently.

This is what the Chinese reaction onto it. Frankly speaking, me as a Chinese, is quite disapointed for what other Chinese had been done. We had been suppressed but we speak no word, we just take the burden onto ourselves quietly without complaining.

This is Chinese, all these years, Chinese still the coward Chinese, nothing much different.........