Monday, March 26, 2007

8 Types of Guys Women Avoid

Do you have a feeling that no matter how hard you tried but you still failed to impress the opposite sex? Have you ever wondered if the way you act makes women cringe? Have you ever worried that your behavior might be making them run in the other direction? Here are the tips for you guys, 8 types of guys that woman try to avoid (‘siam’ as far as she could)

1. The Needy Type
He has no confident on himself and relationship. He needs to reassurance about his companion feels for him and sometimes seems like a desperado. A woman found confidence and independence are sexy traits that attracted her, she needs security, she needs a shoulder to cry on, not her shoulder for the guy to cry on, so keep all these for yourself and don't reveal it until your relationship is stable.

2. The Arrogant Type
Guy with huge ego will definitely turned her down. A woman always observe and guy's personality from the way he treated other people. So even though you treated her well on date doesn't mean that she is fine with your arrogant, watch out!

3. The Boorish Type
How do you feel when you courting a woman and she kept staring at the handsome guy next to you in your presence? Irritating isn’t it. Same with the boorish guy, he doesn't try to hide the fact that he's checking out other women while in her presence; In facts, he flirts with any woman he met, the waitress when you were having dinner with him, the florist when he was buying flowers for you, his lacks of respect to woman is intolerable. Flirter cant restrain this kind of behavior permanently but at least on the stage of wooing woman, please don’t act like Valentino.

4. The Cheap-skate Type
I met this kind of guy before. We went to the hotel for one night stand and guess what, we go dutch for the room!! Oh man, he is disgracing his own species! Or maybe I am nor worth for him paying for me, sob... sob…
I am not complaining that I have to pay for my share but at least show the appreciation and be gentlemen mah. Yeah, guy is the one who did most of the hard work but sometimes I was at top did the hard work too and BJ service given not bad oso

5. The Self Righteous Type
This guy is hypercritical to others. He probably do not have any bad habits, and he does not hesitate to tell others to follow suit. Since you first meet withhim, he had criticising you from head to toe, and telling you that you shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t do that.

6. The Arguer Type
As Chinese saying, 'Yin Kar Lou Chak', mean that enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road, one can't avoid one's enemy, this guy can turn every conversation into argument, what ever issue brought up will ended with arguments

7. The Predictable Type
Definitely a boring guy, there is no excitement in his life, everything is pre-set and predictable, he is living in a formula that created by himself and I tell you, you will get bored til you die

8. The Misogynist Type
He has no secret of his bitterness against woman, especially his ex, ex-ex and ex-ex-ex. Woman can't blame him for his misfortune but keep it to yourself when you are alone.

Even if you are one of the guy mentioned, don't stress out too much, as chinese saying, beauty is in the eye of beholder, don't worry too much, just keep this female unfriendly behaviours to minimum, and wish you all the best

Monday, March 19, 2007

Get Ready for One Night Stand

1. Keep yourself clean and hygienic, especially hairs, upper and lower. Shaved whatever need to be shaved and wash whatever to be waished.

2. Please wear matching bra and panties, just imagine when he gets turn on and drop your clothes and saw teddy bear panties with yellow polka dots bra

3. Bring along condoms with you. Don’t listen to the guy’s bullshit, less pleasure with condom? Go to hell!! Practice safe sex for your own sake

4. Relax and enjoy it my dear!! It’s just sex and you don’t have to commit anything, relax and enjoy every moment of it and moan as loud as you want to, sex is supposed to be pleasure and fun

5. You not fat stupid!! Don’t worry about your tummy or your cellulite, you had turned him on, why you worried of tiny part of your body?? Just be confident of your outlook and work hard to get the pleasure

And last but not least

6. Do remember his name other than uttered “oh my gawd”, “oh yeah””harder hun”, even tho you called the wrong name when you climax, they won’t mind, but for the courtesy of his hard work, at least know his name please and

7. If there’s a chance for one night stand blossomed to further relationship and you want to give it a try, get his farking phone number and call him the next morning!!

Good luck yea!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

How many calories you can burn in a day???

pssst... FYI, this is Italian Chandelier style

Taking off the clothes:
-With her permission: 12 cal
-Without her/his permission: 166 cal

Taking the bra off:-With both hands: 8 cal
-With one hand: 11 cal
-With one hand being slapped: 53 cal
-With the mouth: 91 cal (impossible for me to do it)

Putting on the condom:-With erection: 6 cal
-Without erection: 335 cal (this is a bit difficult, but can try)

Preliminaries:-Trying to find the clitoris: 14 cal
-Trying to find the G spot: 107 cal
-Without giving a damn: 0 cal

-Missionary: 13 cal
-Doggie-Style: 19 cal
-69 lying down: 20 cal
-69 sanding up: 137 cal
-Hostess trolley: 223 cal
-Italian Chandelier: 934 cal (refer to picture above)

Having an orgasm:
-Real: 115 cal
-Fake: 404 cal (this is easy job)

Post orgasm:
-Staying in bed: 5 cal
-Jumping off the bed: 30 cal
-Explaining why you jumped off the bed: 894 cal

Getting the second errection:
-Between 16 and 19 years of age: 14 cal
-From 20 to 29: 36 cal
-From 30 to 39: 97 cal
-From 40 to 49: 376 cal
-From 50 to 59: 919 cal
-Over 60: 3623 cal

Putting on the clother:
-Quitely: 4 cal
-Hurriedly: 99 cal
-With her husband/wife opening the door: 5190 cal

Mean that I ll burnt about 11,744 calories !!! What a good news!!

Monday, March 5, 2007

How much sex appeal do you have?

I was so damn bored today that I found out this :

You Are 80% Sexy

Your Sex Appeal Is: Extremely High

You're very sexy. You just have that certain something that takes over a room.
You know how to attract, entice, and keep whoever you want. You are truly appealing.

I just wish some guy out there will see it, so that I won't be so bored.

This is the link, if you wanna test your sexiness :

Saturday, March 3, 2007

My First One Night Stand

The very first experience was a payback for being abandoned by the irresponsible man. The prey was someone I knew from internet for few months and we decided to meet up.

Although I expected the ONS will happen, but the first time of ONS make me feel like a virgin (again!) as I don’t have much sexperience and he is the second man in my life after that irresponsible man.

The experience wasn’t as bad as I thought, the ONS had dragged to many many nights stand and last for almost 5 years. I thought he is the replacement after the irresponsible man but time proved that I am wrong, a mistake that worse than decided to have ONS. He is just hanging around me and didn’t show interest to have further commitment and finally I gave up, it’s time for me to leave him.

It reminds me one sad song that I heard before, it is quite similar to me, this is the lyric of the song:

On the quiet street in the city
A little old man walked alone
Shuffling through the autumn afternoon
And the autumn leaves reminded him
Another summer's come and gone
He had long lonely nights ahead waiting for June

Then among the leaves near an orphan's home
A piece of paper caught his eyes
And he stooped to pick it up with trembling hands
As he read the childish writing
The old man began to cry
'Cause the words burned inside him like a brand

"Whoever finds this, I love you
Whoever finds this, I need you
I ain't even got no one to talk to
So, whoever finds this, I love you!"

Well, the old man's eyes searched the orphan's home
And came to rest upon a child
With her nose pressed up against the window pane
And the old man knew he'd found a friend at last
So he waved at her and smiled
And they both knew they'd spend the winter
Laughing at the rain

And they did spend the winter laughing at the rain
Talking through the fence
Exchanging little gifts they've made for each other
The old man would carve toys
And the little girl would draw pictures of beautiful ladies for him
And they laughed a lot

But then one day on the first of June
The little girl ran to the fence... the old man wasn't there
And, somehow she knew he was never coming back
So she went back to her little room
took a crayon, And wrote

"Whoever finds this, I love you
Whoever finds this, I need you
I ain't even got no one to talk to
So, whoever finds this, I love you!"