Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Malaysia Artises For Unity

People aren't born racist. No matter what gender; eye/hair colour; age; skin colour; or religion, we are all Malaysian with same blood and flesh colour when we live and same ashes colour when we die.

Also free download for mp3 from MAFU website here Malaysian Artises For Unity

yours is black
and his is brown
this one's white
and that one's yellow

now, give me a knife
and let me slash the skin
of each fellow

superior is he
whose blood is not red

each person
has blood that's crimson
each one
is human

so stop this racism
this bloody racism

free download

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rape Encouraging School Uniform!!

Can you believe this?? Once again, the 'nothing to do' group that neither done anything nor contribute anything to the development of society but become a thorn in our flesh.

Come on, I don't think man is such mindless creatures that their mind is only controlled by the sexual urge and desire. I almost spilled my coffee out of my mouth when I read Patrick Teoh Niamah blog I Feel An Erection Coming On...

What the fuck is wrong with some people in this country?

If someome wearing sexy attires and attracts attention of the rapist like this one, it make a little bit of sense, although some of the victims were children or old women who has no connection with 'sexy' at all.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Do They Need Tummy Tuck??

Something to share with you guys and also to warn ladies to watch after our figures...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I am in BAD MOOD!!!

Why am I in such a bad mood today, I am getting really irritable for almost no reason, and I know I really have to break the bad mood and get over it or else I will for sure 'passed' my bad mood to others.

There are so many events happening recently, I had work 3 weeks in a row without having a day off, I had experienced the peak of working pressure since I joined the work foce, I had even yelled to my boss that I won't apologise for what I had done, the earthquake in China that had hit more than 20,000 of deaths toll, more than 100,000 of Myanmar's people had gone missing or died from Cyclone Nargis -- All these had really really depressed me, I even shed tears when I read news of the disasters happened in China and Myanmar. Oh yea, not forgetting I didn't had sex for so many months :S

Any suggestions how to get over it?