Monday, April 21, 2008

My Island Trip

The gorgeous sapphire blue sea, stunning blue sky, soft beige sandy beach of Perhentian Island led me to the island again. This time I chose Bubu Resort located on Long Beach, Perhentian Kecil Island, the only deluxe resort hotel on the island. This time I chose a hot and sexy guy along with me, to enjoy hmmm.... the sunny beach and sea breeze of course and probably 'enjoy' him as much as I could too.

Crystal clear water and white sandy beach

He had reserved Honey Moon Seaview suite, it only cost him about RM400 including boat trip, I wonder why he told me this, his pocket burnt because of this or what... But if he asked my opinion, whether it is good price, I'll say it will depend on the room and location of the beach. Since this Bubu Resort located at Perhentian Kecil, so the price ie quite reasonable, if the room is nice.

Small hut to have sip of cold drink

I was stunned when we checked in the room. It is definitely not like Arwana, Flora, Fauna or whatever resort at Perhentian Besar. Room is quite cozy and I like their bathroom the most, definitely the best I had stayed at Perhentian. probably I stayed at crappy place, therefore not comparable with Bubu. :S

Room nicely decorated with Balinese style

I like the bathroom, although it's not big, but it is well decorated, I love the bathroom tiles and the basin.

Seaview from the room

We were there in the afternoon, weather was too hot that I just want to stay and cuddle and kiss, makeout the who damn hot afternoon in the room. Fondle from balcony to the room and bathroom, trading wet kisses and let his fondling fingers led to something... wet... then make love and snuggle into our dreamland together.

Seems like I got what I wish, we were kissing from balcony to bedroom and I suggest that we both take shower together before we making out. He is a real good kisser, wrapping his arms around my waist, gently touching my hair, clutch my back. I felt down there so damn wet, so unusual, I thought I was too horny coz of I was too busy and didn't have sex for few months, and the kisses made the volcano explode. He undressed me piece by piece, my hot pants at balconny, my halter neck top on the bed, my lingerie on the floor... and.. wait.. what is the red stain on my panty? I pushed him away to see it clearly and gosh... menstruation!!! %#@!*&^ God damn, it totally ruinned my one night stand !! Grrr......

A welcome cocktail and snack from Bubu, I picked Long Island Ice Tea and he chose Mojito

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008

Flood in KL

It was such heavy rain when reached KL and on the way from Subang Airport to KL Sentral. The rain being blown ferociously and had caused havoc massive jam at Federal Highway. According to the taxi driver, it had been heavy downpoured for few days during evening, I was wondering whether I could make it to Putrajaya on time.

Once I reach KL Sentral, I quickly pay ticket boarded on the train KLIA Transit on time. Seems like my appointment is running smoothly... but after 5 minutes in the train, the engine of the train had stopped!! I had never encountered this before, shall I stay in the train or just forget it and take a taxi to Putrajaya? But the queue of taxi was so long when I was there just now, so I better keep quiet, probably they ll work something out.

Then they had made announcement that the train had "minor technical problem" and we were told to stay in the train. OK, fine, just stay in the train and see how they solve the problem. Finally after 10 minutes, seems like they had solved the problem and train had been moved from KL Sentral to Bandar Tasek Selatan, then towards Putrajaya, and when just 10 minutes away from Putrajaya, the train had stopped again. %?#$@?&*!! What the hell happened??

The video clip was taken when I was in the train.

Few hours of heavy downpour had caused flood of train track and train cannot move on. We were stuck there for another 10 minutes. Again, they made the announcement that the train cannot continue journey caused of heavy rain and have to wait for the water receding, but after another 10 minutes, then another announcement saying that we have to go back to KL Sentral as the heavy flood getting worsen. I am so fucking annoying, I am already late for the appointment and had called him that I will be late for half an hour and then I have to call him again that I couldnt make it??

The best part of this "the transportation that is the pride of Malaysian" when we turned back and reached KL Sentral, we were going up to upper floor with escalator to the exit entrance, and when reached the upper floor, the roller shutter had been closed down, we were stuck in between of escalator roller shutter!! A guy at my back had cursed and shouted angrily. Luckily there were only few of us if, not for sure it will caused us falling down to escalator and caused injury.

What the heck happened here, KLIA Transit and KLIA Express are both wellknown of the most reliable transportation in town as what they claimed "... we can be proud of our own Express Rail Link (ERL) services that offer speedy and easy travel from the heart of Kuala Lumpur at KL Sentral to our international gateway at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) as well as various stations in between. No more hassle, no more headaches, no more traffic jams, only a smooth ride to look forward to"??

I am damn sure that this is not the first time they had encountered same problem, but after years, seems like the management not bother of repair or lever up the track so that it won't happen in future. We are not only lost our time and money (although they had refunded the ticket's money)but also our faith. This is the transportation that frequently used by foreigners, What if the passengers on the way rushing to the airport back to their hometown and missed the flight? what will they say when they went back to their country? What a shame!! How can a developed area like KL experienced this? Is this still a pride of Malaysian?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pissed Off!!

Yes, I am fuckingly pissed, pissed coz I was cheated by a friend of mine, I thought the present is so precious that I kept it for months, not willing to open it coz it had been such precious present to me, as the one who gave the present to me was a guy that I admired during school day.

The story should have started from the Chinese New Year gathering held in my house few months back. I had invited few old friends of mine for tea-time session, so that after the tea time, we can just heading to the best restaurant near to my house for dinner. Yes, sorry, I don’t know how to cook, so who the hell care for that? A gathering is meant for just gathering, not for food, you really crave for food?? Just go to the best restaurant in town and have whatever heck you want to, don’t bother me to prepare it, I am not a good cook anyway.

Back to the story, the guy, lets call him LC, had brought me a bottle of Merlott, which according to him, he bought it when he went abroad to Australia and just bought it to keep in store and will gave to someone special.

Sigh… to cut the story short, I had prepared some finger fruits, cracker with whipped cream and caviar on top, finger bite sandwiches, puddings, fruit salads, and bought the cheese cake from the famous cheese cake shop in town. Not forgetting one dozen of red wine, two dozens of beer and vodka with orange juice for my favourite screw driver, (hey, when I think back, don’t you think the food that I prepared with my maid will be enough to feed 20 persons of Africans? They will be more appreciated than my so called “old friends” who just know how to complain about the food) What else you expect from a sexy lady like me?? A maid suit with gee string?? Yes, I will do that in your dream!! It will be enough for "few friends of mine". Although I had invited few old friends, but it will be a whole family of my friends, mean that if I invited one of my friend, more than 2 will attend, including their spouse, their kids and even their maid.

Yes, the gathering was fun, we were so high with alcohol and the memories of good old days, how sweet the school time that makes us laugh and make us cry, many of us enjoyed the moment and until now I still remember the sweet memory with them.

Ok, I better go straight to the scene that pissing me off. Few days ago, when I thought back the gathering held in my house, I took out the Merlott wine that LC brought for me and started to twist around to check the manufactuer, alcohol level, the origin country etc. and I saw a white label sticked at the very bottom of the bottle and what a shock when I read it :

Di eksport oleh :
xxxx Sdn Bhd
Xxxxx, Kuala Lumpur,

What the heck?? The label look like the same one that I bought from the local drug store. If LC really bought it from Australia, then what the heck the label came from? Or is it I am the one who did mistake, maybe he wanted to tell me that he bought it when he was on the way to the airport going to Australia? But what the hell he wanted to buy it if he was on the way to Australia?? What's the reason LC wanted to tell lies? To tell me that he is rich, he has a pretty and sexy wife, with 2 daughters and a maid? If not mistaken, he is a manager in pharmaceutical company. Is he wants to compare with me? What is it for?

Really don’t understand and don’t bother about it at all, just live my life on, why I have to look back when there is a beautiful life lies ahead of me?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Island Trip Again ..

It's end of March, I made a trip to island as what I did in the past few years. The weather was excellent. The boat ride to the island was quite bumpy in the choppy sea. None of us in the boat with dry clothes, especially the boat driver, he was totally wet, I know sometimes it's great to get wet, but not at this moment.

The beach is still as white as before and so do the clear turqoise sea, so clear that you can see me if I dive in the water topless or naked :P.

Mat salleh kids playing at jetty

The first day was free and easy, I do nothing just eat and sleep, and lying at the pool and at the beach, and I found out there's wifi at the reception area, hooray!! next time I will bring my laptop to update my blog there. I was expecting sexy guys with 6 packs but what I saw the most were guys with 3 packs, chest looks like breast and big tummy :(. The most hillarious scene was all the foreigners got up from swimming pool once they saw malays wearing their t-shirts and long pants and some woman wearing tudung, soaking in the water. (Piece of advice to resort operator : if you really want to have a pool in your resort, put up a sign : ONLY SWIMSUIT ALLOW, pleaseeeee )

Second day, we went snoarkling with a group of people, with 4 hot chicks together, aheemm.. including me of course. The first stop was somewhere in Pulau Perhentian Besar. There were a lot of sea jellies floating about - fortunately these were not stingers, but it makes my skin itchy and uncomfortable. The second stop was at the beach of Perhentian Island Resort.

This is christmas tree coral, it will close once we touch it

Brain coral -- look like someone's small brain huh

Clown fish or nemo fish

Turtle's back coated with moss, next trip I will bring brush to brush off the moss, so yucky...

After that we had our lunch at Cocohut Resort, the food was great. The chinese ah pek holding wok cooking at open air, don't have to worry he added something funny in our food :P

The third stop was sharks point. It's not as scary as Jaws movie, actually the sharks here quite shy, they scared of people, once they saw us, they will swam away. There were 2 sharks, one with 2 feet long and another one was 4 feet long, one of the girl had cut her wrist and knee as the sea was so rough, she's not a good swimmer I guess. One of the guy was so freaking out, he thought her blood will make the sharks attacking us. Haha...

The last stop was spring water. The spring water is natural resource, came from rock, according to the tour guide, no matter how hot the weather is, even during dry season, water never dried up. Its nice to wash and splash each other with icy cold water after soaking in sea water for whole day.

Back to my room and wash up myself,and went to the beach later. There was a hammock near to the beach but too bad it always occupied by somebody, never got a chance to sleep on it. During night time, there were no clouds and the stars were magnificient. Strolling along the beach, watching little white crabs running around to the holes.

Picture was taken during day time, can't really see the crabs at night

It was such a peaceful life over here. It was such enjoyable and amazing trip. As what the tour guide said, he got nothing to show me as I was such a regular visitor at Pulau Perhentian, but if you need a short break, and you have no idea where to go, visit Pulau Perhentian!!