Thursday, May 17, 2007

Love Poem 2

Her Truth

When my hands caress
the gentle forms of her poetry
I want to communicate
in a language other than words -
Words tumble violently
Into nothingness.
Her poetry is all I understand.
She is my sun.

I do not know how else to tell her
she is beautiful.
She folds into shyness
upon my revelation.
Her poetry evokes
a thousand searing emotions
in me.
Alas, she knows not her truth
That burns my lips
and keeps my restless oceans
at bay

Love Poem 1

My travels to xxx to be with you

I recall
the days when
The stars glide slowly past.
The milky night welcomes me
As I settle into the cavernous beast
Watching a thousand words file past
to bridge the distance between
Our restless hearts
If just for an instant.

Searching for air
the darkness seals me in.
Molecules swirl impatiently
As wistful shadows of Malaya look back at me;
smudges of dim lights
on the window pane
race past me helplessly.

My steel-cold compartment
Moves deeper into the land,
Closer to you.
Come sleep
Into the darkness
And let me trace your heartbeat now
Let the soft lines of your skin
Pull me into sleep, sleep, sleep.

Then darkness.
It hastens the rise
of the xxx morning sun
and I rise to search
for your sweet clean face
in the tiny sea of unwashed humanity.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Resignation Letter

Dear Boss,

You know why I want to resign?

Since I worked for you, I have no time to blog anymore.
When I don’t have time to blog anymore, my readers hates me.
When my readers hate me, they don’t visit my blog anymore.
When they don’t visit my blog anymore, my hits drop.
When my hits drop, I become unhappy.
When I become unhappy, I will eat a lot.
When I eat a lot, I will get fat.
When I get fat, it will affect your company’s image.
When your company’s image is affected, your business no good.
When your business no good, you become unhappy.
When you become unhappy, you eat a lot, like me.
When you eat a lot, I’m afraid you will become fat, like me

You see, boss. It’s a vicious cycle. I did everything for your own good, because I care for you, boss.

So, the conclusion is, I want to resign, please let me go la..

Yours cheesily,


A Letter To Sumone

Over and over again, I am considering whether I should accept your proposal. You are such a nice person, it’s me who is not good enough for you.

I am just a woman with a heavy baggage, and no one willing to share my baggage with me.

No matter how many love poems you had written, no matter how many times of proposal you had made, no matter how many times you told me you love me, it’s not enough to mend and to heal the scattered heart, not anymore…

Don’t waste your time on me, don’t put your hope on me, I am going to let you down. I had said no for the first time and I am going to say it again.

Just let me be what I want to be and we both move on, different path and different way

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Which Part Will Turn U On?

I found this picture lying in my inbox, Map to Heaven, lol

Surprisingly, it only tells half of the true story. Why is that? Maybe it`s because not every part of the "map' fits every women! That may be your first hint guys. We are all different, what works on one women will make another women slap your face with disgust.

Some women love a very passionate kiss. A passionate kiss can be an instant orgasm. Women love to feel the sensation of your breathe on thier skin. That will surely send her to a new level of sensations.

Women have very sensitive backs. A women's spine will tingle with the slightest touch of your finger tips.

Kiss her shoulder, kiss her belly, kiss and nibble her ear, kiss her thighs and between her legs

She will be warm already, anticipating the sensation of your tongue!

And another thing about breast or boobs (ya, you guys love that the most, I know). Women do vary with having their breasts played with. This should be done gently at first, so to not turn her off. Some women love a very passionate kiss. A passionate kiss can be an instant orgasm.

Talk sweet words to her ears, listen to her moans when you caress her, read her body language, feel her wetness and please show your anticipation by at least tell your feeling when she is trying hard to please you.

Got me?? Got the hints?? even with the clothes on, you still able to turn a woman on, as long as you know her sensitive spot.