Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Next PM?

This article is written by Shweta. This is the best article written on Anwar Ibrahim that we have ever read. It is a must read for all and sums up the real mood amongst the people of this nation. It was forwarded through email, therefore I couldn't get the source of this article.

With the UMNO elections around the corner and the country dizzy with all these political fiascos taking place, we are bombarded daily with controversies upon controversies. So much is being said about Najib and why he should not become the Prime Minister of this country. Many reasons have been given by various people and with all the infighting within UMNO and back-stabbing amongst the party members, people are distracted with the real issue at hand.
Halting a moment from all the melodramatic plays put up by UMNO: purging political opponents under the disguise of purging the corrupt, purging the opposition under the disguise of defending the Rulers, purging the truth under the disguise of defending parliamentary etiquette, the time has come for the nation to take a step aside and consider who truly fits to be the leader.

Never before were the present parties in the Pakatan Rakyat with their different ideologies able to unite as one for the country. There was always a sense of mistrust amongst DAP and PAS. Yet we find that Anwar Ibrahim has the ability and the special quality of leadership in him, to bring these different parties of differing ideologies together with his broad vision. Bringing them together with the vision of defending the Rakyat, Anwar is able to motivate them by persuasion rather than intimidation, threat or bribery. He is able to exude his contagious confidence to the others.

Thanks to the divide and rule policy of the BN government the public has been under, for the past 50 odd years, people have become suspicious of each other. Every race in the country has been trained and brainwashed by the present government machinery not to trust each other.

It has taken someone of Anwar’s caliber to unite the people against such narrow minded thinking, and today, we as a society are able to start to go beyond the concept of race and religion. The Malay, Chinese and Indian communities have been able to put away their distrust of each other and see the real DAP and PAS for what they are. For the first time ever, Malaysians have found the true brotherhood which was lost long ago.

The parties with such stalwarts such as Tok Guru Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang, Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and many others are much respected by the people. They are people of principles, who have been working tirelessly all these years. They too have been fighting all these years for the betterment of the country without fear or expectations. All these people and others from the Pakatan Rakyat have been silently working to bring about a better Malaysia. They have all gone unnoticed by the majority of the people all these while, because the sound of the BN drums have been deafening and has drowned the sounds of these true heroes and warriors.

We also find that to be a leader of a growing country, we need someone who is accepted both nationally and by the international community. Anwar Ibrahim is well recognized internationally and has a good reputation in other countries too. From Indonesia to Japan, from Europe to the Arab Nations, from Africa to the United States, he is a well respected figure, who will be able to garner support from the other countries.

Another very vital and endearing quality in a good leader, which Anwar has, is not to carry a personal vendetta. Anwar has gone through the fires of test in his life, with his conviction and jail sentences. He has gone through all sorts of persecution under the hands of Mahathir and his people. This is an important quality needed for a good leader. Mahatma Gandhi was trampled by the British, Nelson Mandela was jailed for 27 years, and the likes of these great people had this unique quality of not harbouring hatred or revenge against their persecutors but to look forward towards the future of the people and country.

The time is no more here, to say who should not be the leader of Malaysia. The time has come now, to say who should lead Malaysia. The time is now to speak of Anwar the great leader who has the ability and charisma to unite the diverse people of Malaysia, namely, Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Dayaks and many other ethnic groups who truly are the Anak Bangsa Malaysia. The time is nearing towards the nation moving forward, in achieving a peaceful, prosperous and a united Malaysia.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah

I remember those days, when I was only 4 or 5 years old, the only TV channels available were TV1 & TV2, we have not much choice backthen. There was no computer game, no DVD, no PSIII, or whatsoever, we can only use the trash to play 'masak-masak', or use the little pebbles to play 'selambut', sometimes the flip-flop as the bowling pins. The most frustrating moment was the rainy day, as I was the only child at home and nobody willing to spend time to play with kid, the only entertainment available was watching TV's , and the TV programmes that I hate the most is HARI INI DALAM SEJARAH.

But now it's different, how I wish that this TV programme to be on air again, so that today's event will remember by all our future generations, and also to refresh forgetful Malaysian of what we had been treated before, which I am quite doubtful that TV1 or TV2 will put up on air on the history news that not benefited the current government.

Back to the history. The history had been made in Malaysia today. Perak state assembly held under the rain tree. Read full articles from Malaysia Insider here or Malaysia Today (in Malay) here.

Under a tree, assembly votes for fresh polls
By Lee Wei Lian and Shannon Teoh

IPOH, March 3 — In the shade of a rain tree with the State Secretariat just 200 metres away, Perak Speaker V Sivakumar convened an emergency sitting of the state assembly today which effectively voted to end the de facto Barisan Nasional (BN) government of Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir.

Across town at the same time in the Ipoh High Court, BN lawyers were arguing to stay the proceedings of the state assembly, pending a law suit against Sivakumar for suspending from the assembly Zambry and his six executive council members.

On an eventful day, Perak’s administration has been thrown into chaos with both BN and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) questioning the legitimacy of each other’s actions.

The State Secretary’s directive to close off the building which houses the state assembly had added to the confusion over the administration of the state.

The directive resulted in riot police barring state assemblymen from entering the building.

All the lawmakers that had turned up this morning were from PR parties. BN legislators, not surprisingly, did not show up as they contend the assembly was invalid.

Sivakumar was the only person given permission to access the building, but he chose instead to walk nearby to convene the assembly with the presence of the PR assemblymen.

Dressed in his ceremonial black robes and songkok, the Speaker presided over a sitting, which on the face of it appeared legal as long as he was present.

The sitting proceeded to pass three votes – expressing their confidence in Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin as mentri besar; calling on Nizar to seek a dissolution of the state assembly; and endorsing Sivakumar’s suspension of Zambry and the de facto BN executive council.

Nizar told reporters later that he would seek an audience with the Sultan to ask for consent to dissolve the assembly.

At the Ipoh High Court, Judicial Commissioner Ridwan Ibrahim ruled that five lawyers, including constitutional expert Tommy Thomas, had no locus standi to represent the Perak Speaker in court.

He said the Speaker must be represented by the state legal advisor because he is part of the state government.

Thomas told reporters the team had no choice but to withdraw from the case.

Earlier this morning, a minor scuffle broke out when a group of unidentified men tried to stop Nizar and other PR assemblymen from entering the state assembly compound.

Subsequently, Nizar and the assembkymen were prevented from entering the state assembly by riot police, backed by two trucks with water cannons.

Yesterday, Zambry declared any attempt to hold an emergency sitting of the state assembly a “threat to national security.”

Let s hope that the perakians shows who they support in coming fresh elections.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Poor is for all, regardless their race

I love Nik Aziz after I read the article from Malaysia Today here and Malaysia Insider here.

Why he looks so miserable in blue background

He looks more cheeful in this picture. Ahh... I know, because he loves green more than blue

This is what we so called a leader, no matter what race you are, if you are poor, you deserved for the aids. Not like others, they claimed that they are poor, but they bought a low cost house for the poor and built two to three storey of houses in between the single storey terrace houses meant for poor and low income earner.

They claiming that they are poor and they obtained all the subsidies that granted by the government and used the fund for luxury items.

I hate to see all this. I hate the hypocrite using our tax money for their benefits.