Saturday, August 30, 2008

Eye Wash Session

Sex Symbol Clothing Shoot picture 1
Louise Glover

Donna Feldman Pictures
Donna Feldman

Bianca Beauchamp Pictures
Bianca Beauchamp

Lucy Pinder Pictures
Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder picture 2
Lucy Pinder

Denise Milani Pictures
Denise Milani

Denise Milani Photos
Denise Milani

Holly Weber Images
Holly Weber

Why They Never Learnt?

Malaysia Today became their target again after publishing libellous, slanderous or defamatory (as what they claimed).

As what Jeff Ooi said in Screenshots, MCMC cannot prosecute RPK while these cases are being disposed by the Bench. By so doing, MCMC is sucking up to their paymasters at Putrajaya.

This is my reaction after read the news :

Didn't get the message? What about this one?

Or this one is clearer?

Got it?? Malaysian getting more and more irritated with their action, when are they going to stop this?

P/s: Malaysia Today still accesible via mirror site here or here.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


hmmmm... yummy yummy

So damn cute that you wanna eat it

lip gloss for women, quite convenient but a bit heavy if carrying so many

Is this more suitable to policeman or ... me??

Can I put in viagra in it?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Interesting Piece For Your View

A bit late, but still able to catch up the train, as the case still going on and Permatang Pauh buy election by election is approaching.

The logo taken from Wattahack Blog, good job man!!

New Cabinet for 16th September 2008

Click to image for bigger view

Government Slashes Petrol Price

It seems that every time an oil rig worker sneezes, or the share market drops by 0.00000001%, the price of oil shoots upwards, and so do gas prices. And now probably the flu getting better but is it really matter now? After the damages had been done, and all the hardship and pain suffered by Malaysian, the price of all items had already blew up for food, shelter and clothings and now with the minimal of 15 cents slashed, do you think the business man will slashed their price too?? NO WAY MAN!!!

And again, I think government calculator version is not the same with mine (LOL). Looking at the price reduced by government, let me do the calculation right :

Date : 5 June 2008
Price Per Barrel : USD 140
Price We Pay Per Litre : RM 2.70

Date : 23 August 2008
Price Per Barrel : USD 113
Price We Pay Per Litre : RM 2.55

Hmm.. let do this calculation, 113 X 2.70 / 140 = ?? Why government version is RM2.55 and mine is RM2.18?? I must buy a new calculator, or shall I buy a new one for them instead??

Actually if I know how to draw cartoon, I'll add one more, they said the petrol price won't reduce until September, but now because of by-election sake, they reduce 15 cents, is this a good news to us? or another gimmick to gain votes? As what cantonese sayings, "sam ciu la"

P/S : Oh ya, by the way, I saw one in this blog :

Monday, August 11, 2008

77777 not 88888

Today am not talking about 08.08.08 and baby born at 8.08am or some even kept a que ticket of no. 88, or you kena magnum or toto of 8888 etc, and not also not about grand opening of Olympic directed by China top class director Zhang Yimou.

Early in this morning, I received a phone call when I was driving to work, I don't have a hand free kit, so being a courtesy and law obedience driver, I pulled over and received the call. When I was talking on the phone, I saw my lovely car odometer :

Oh wow.. what a coincident, the odometer is running at 77777 at this moment 9.07 in the mornning, mean since July 2005 til August 2008, my car had been on the road for 77,777 km, which equivalent to 1137 days to be exact, and I had been using the car at the average of 68km per day!! Probably is was due to my outstation travelling, as my daily usage is about 20km only.

This is the car I am driving :

I wish I can post at my car and wear like this:

or like this

maybe this one even better, to show how sexy my car is

But too bad, no photographer want to snap picture for me. I love you VIOS!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Am Single And Available

Yes, I am single and available. What is in you guys mind when a lady make this statement? She is encouraging you for next move? She is inviting you for sex? She is easy laid?

I am saying this is when I was chatting with not so close guys friend and when they asked about my marital status, I have to clarify that I am still single and available, to make myself available, so that 'suitable candidate', my Mr. Right can 'enquire within', but too bad, this statement always lead to other way, provoke those MBA guys itchiness, not too bad huh, MBA.. not Master in BA but married but available guy, sigh..

So, tell me, what can I do to prevent this happen over and over again? My past painful experience really teached me not to have any relationship with married man, that I wish I never ever done the same mistake anymore.

I tried to lie before, admitting that I married but my husband working outstation, and we always meet during weekend. But this answer never stop their interest in me, probably I should have told them I am single and available -- but only available to single guy not married man, is this answer good enough to stop married men to think that they are available for me? How to pass the message to married men that I am not available for them?

Oh.. by the way, the terms and conditions applied is referring to this post.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy National Day, Are You Happy?

Are you tired of the price hike of every single products in this country?

Are you tired of the politics in Malaysia?

Are you tired of the politicians who always busy with their personal agenda, their seats in parliament, without taking notice that the economy of the country is crashing down and no one done anything about it and what they care is Permatang Pauh by election?

Are you with me??

Then let us do this together!! Raising our flags upside down during the National Day, in the protest of we had suffered enough by unjustified policies and flip-flop decisions by the government, not to forget unscrupulous politicking amongst politicians. This country has gone backward in so many aspects, the upside down of our belove flag is accepted as official signal of distress. By displaying it properly, it is not meant to be or it is not recognised as any type of disrespect but to tell them that WE HAD ENOUGH OF ALL THESE!!

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