Friday, August 31, 2007

The Merdeka Thought

Picture of Jalur Gemilang from

On the way home from sexercising.. oops.. it s exercising, there are so many bikers and cyclists flying their jalur gemilang (Malaysia Flag) on their vehicle, I saw one of them using the flag as his raincoat, as it was raining. Is this so called 'patriotic'? by wearing the flag? by flying flags on the vehicle and riding, or cyling without bother about other people safety? What is the patriotic elements in it when you did that? I have been pondering, and asked my friend who was sitting beside me in my car, her opinion about the independence day celebration. While we were chatting, we stopped at the traffic light when the light turned red.

A big group of motorbikes (you know, those bikers always wearing the leather jacket, and the bike's price is kancil's price) with flags on their bikes, the biker was wearing a uniform for Merdeka celebration, driving in a group cross the traffic light and all of a sudden, one of the bike had slowed down and a Proton Iswara behind of his bike, so eager to pass through the yellow light and 'banggg!!!" hit on the bike's end.

The ironic scene was the big bike was fine, only few scratches here and there and the biker slightly injurred but the Proton Iswara?? gosh.... it looked really bad. Like something hit it really bad on the front part of the car. If I didn't see it for myself, I wouldn't know that the car just hit a motorbike. This is the quality of our National Car, Malaysia boleh!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Short Note

A one night stand, is it just a one night stand or is it possible that is a begin of an affair?

Let imagine this scenario, my boyfriend out of town for a business trip, and out of the blue, the old flame of mine called up and I invite him for a drink in my apartment. Two lonely heart meet together and he is currently remain single after left by his girl friend, after some chit chat and flirtation, it ended up.. in bed.

Another scenario, clubbing night with a group of old friends, everyone is feeling great after that third or fourth drink, when all of a sudden, the flirting gets a little out of hand. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, it ended up with sexual encounter.

Reason? For myself, I keep on having affair or one night stand is because I get bored with long term relationship. Maybe my needs for sex not meet when I am with him that caused me try to get another.

One of my friend asked, why we can't make marriage like an employment contract? Say, 5 years of contract, when we get bored with each other, we can terminate the contract and we carry on with our ways. One of the term and conditions of this contract is not to have children, and when the unexpect pregnancy occured, the contract considered void and both party can negotiate who to have the children (although woman who suffered the most).

What do you say??

Monday, August 20, 2007

I Am A Naughty Teaser

It was such a hot day. When I returned home, hot and sweaty from the heat of the day, make me wanted to soak in a cold water, so I decided to take a nice bath before it was time to go to the club. I put on Michael Bubbly CD on while I was soaking in the tub and sighing with pleasure. I added some flower fragrance of bubble bath in the water. The bath relaxed me, I let my arms float at beside me and my breast swelling up through a scented froth of bubbles. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the bliss of the music...

My handphone was on the countertop in my bathroom and it rang when I was enjoying my bubble bath. I frowned a bit at the interruption, and reached up to dry my hands on a towel, then took the phone. Hmmm.. it's William again. I wonder what he wants after so many nights I had with him and so long he had not called me.

"Hi! William, long time didn't hear from you, how are you..."

"I've been thinking about you a lot, are you free tonight?"

"Well, I have a date tonight, but I can talk to you on the phone now.."

"You'll never guess where I am now, William. Would you believe I'm in the bathtub? I'm lying here completely naked while I'm talking to you. Listen..." I splashed the water with my free hand and giggled.

"I'm taking a bubble bath. It feels sooooo good on my skin, so nice and slippery. I'm taking my hands and rubbing them all over me. Do you do that when you take a bath or a shower, William? Get all nice and slippery and rub your hands on yourself? I'll bet it feels good, doesn't it? It would be so nice if you were here with me - this could be your hand sliding all over my body..."

"Damn, I can't go to your place now, I am still in my office but that sounds so hot!"

"Bet you wish you were here, hmm? I wish you were..."

"I'd like that, I really love to be there, a lot." He said.

"Well, since we know each other for so long, do you mind doing me a favour.."

"Of course, my dear, I will do anything for you."

"Oh, good! This is what my best friend told me, you know how you guys have this little place on your turtle's head (in chinese, turtle's head is penis, me and William language), on the underside just below the head, where it feels really good to touch? I am curious, do you like to be touched there too?"

"Oh yes, I do, yes."

"Well, what happens is this: my friend told me her experience with her boy friend, she gets down between his legs, and with the tip of her tongue, just the very tip, she gives a little lick right on that spot, a soft little upward lick, barely touching him. It's supposed to feel really nice, she doesn't do anything else for about fifteen seconds. Then, she gives him another lick, just like the first - and waits another fifteen seconds. She keeps repeating that over and over, every fifteen seconds. Am I doing a good job describing it, William? Can you imagine what that would be like?"

"Ohhh god, yesss..."

"The thing is, I can't see how he'd be able to feel something that's so very soft and light, just like giving the turtle a saliva bath. Has your wife ever done something like that to you?"

"Uh, no, she doesn't do that to me at all..."

"Well, maybe you can just use your imagination - think about a girl giving you a delicate little tongue flick, so light that she was barely touching you. Do you think you'd actually be able to feel it? Would it feel good, do you think? Would you like that, dear?"

"Oh yes, oh yes..."

"I suppose it would be a kind of tantalizing pleasure, wouldn't it? Such a soft lick wouldn't be enough - it would just make you need more. I guess that's the idea, to make you need more, then make you wait for it. I bet your turtle now would be throbbing and getting harder and harder while you were waiting for the next lick. You think that's how it would be, honey?"


"And imagine it going on and on, with you getting harder and harder, aching for the next lick. I bet you would try counting off the seconds in your mind, but you'd be sure to go too fast. When you got to fifteen nothing would happen and you'd feel so anxious - and then all of a sudden she'd give you another lick, catching you by surprise, and it would feel so good - but now you'd have to wait a whole fifteen seconds for the next one. It'd probably drive you crazy, huh?"

"Oh god, it would, ohhhh."

"Well, I want to be sure. Maybe we can do a little experiment, OK? Please?"


"OK. Well, first your turtle has to be hard - I'll wait for you to get ready."

"It - it's hard now, as hard as wood now... you bad, what are you trying to do, I am in the office now.."

"But you are in your room. Ohh.. you want me to stop now?" I giggled

"For god sake, please don't.."

"Hm... Well, good - now put a finger in your mouth and get it good and wet. Ready?"

"Uh?? Ok, ready now."

"OK - now get ready to touch yourself in that cute little spot, but wait for me to say touch. Use just the very tip of your wet finger. Imagine your finger is my tounge..."


"Now - touch! How was that, William, did it feel good? I hope you did it lightly, just like a feather. But now you have to wait, remember - no more touching until I say so. Oh! I guess I have to count now, don't I? OK - 1, 2, 3 ..."

I grinned to myself, imagining William straining over his hard-on, waiting for permission to repeat the touch. I found it exciting to think about the state I got him into.

"4, 5, 6 ..."

"7, 8, 9 ..."

"10, 11, 12 ..."

I slowed down - "13 ... 14 ... 15 ... touch," I whispered softly.

"Hunh - ahhh..." William gasped at his next touch.

"Mmmm, it sounds like you like that, is it really good? I hope so!"

I could tell that William was getting quite turned on now, and I knew I had him hooked - the longer he stayed on the line the more I would tantalize him and excite him.

"1, 2, 3 ... but this is only pretend, you know, it's not exactly like the real thing. You know what I mean?"


"4, 5, 6 ... I mean, if I were actually there between your legs doing it to you, you'd feel my warm breath on you while you were waiting."


"7, 8, 9 ... maybe I'd even blow on you a little just to make it more interesting. Would that be good? Would warm puffs of air feel good on your turtle? Tell me, baby..."

"Ohhhh yes, so good, so good, ohhhhh..."

"10, 11, 12 ... and you know what? I bet my warm, wet tongue would probably feel very different from your finger. I think it would feel a lot better, don't you, honey?"

"Oh my god, oh yes, oh yes..."

"13, 14, 15 - of course, the really big difference, William, is that I'm going to do this to my boyfriend, not to you." Thinking of his wife, I said so just to make him upset .

"Ohhhh my god, ohhhh no, ohhhh please..." Seems like he didnt hear me at all ...


I heard him going absolutely berserk now, I let him go for a few seconds, I don't want him to cum eyet I had more plans for him tonight.

"Wait, William - don't cum yet sweetie! Honey - are you there?"

"Ohhh - uh-huh..."

"Is your turtle still hard, you haven't cum, have you?"

"No ... almost ... stopped when you said ... why can't I - ohhhh it feels so good, I'm so hard..."

"Listen, I want you to keep it nice and hard. You can touch it now and then, but just enough to keep it excited. Look down at your turtle, William - is it nice and hot and stiff for me?"

"Oh yes, it's so hard, it's twitching, I want ... oh god this is driving me crazy!"

"Aw, I know, poor baby! Now, William, just calm down sweetie, and listen to me. What I want you to do is keep your turtle all ready for me, and later tonight come down to the club."

"The club at Bangsar, tonight?"

"Yes, sweetie, "

"Ohh yes, I ... ohhhhh ...."

"You're not stroking yourself now, are you? You're not allowed to cum, remember - I want your turtle to be hard and full when you come see me tonight. When you walk in and sit down I want you to be already worked up and feeling sooo frustrated! I am going to wear the tight short skirt, you said it reveals my long slender sexy legs... Just think, I'm going to tease and tantalize you something awful, while you sit there panting and not allowed to touch yourself, not able to get any relief. Think about it, William, you enjoy suffering like that, don't you?"

"Oh my god, yessss, ohhh I need it so bad, please..."

"So, no more touching, I see you tonight. Bye bye, honey - here's a little kiss until tonight, a little kiss for you-know-where!"

I smiled, and hung up.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Your Place or Mine?

“Your place or mine?” He asked. Before I could answer, the costume I bought that still keep unwrapped flashed into my mind.

"Honey, can I get something in my car, I have a surprise for you."

"Sure baby, hmm.. what is it?"

"You will know it later but not now.." I grinned to him.

He drove to his apartment and while we go up to his apartment, riding the elevator with both tension and expectation in the air as I planned how to play out his fantasy. I become more and more excited and he can saw it from my eyes and hugged me even closer.

For men sex is a reaction. Put the right stimulus in front of him and he's ready for sex in a matter of seconds but its totally different for women, sex for us is a decision. After we decide to be involved in sex, our body takes several minutes to prepare of sexual union. (By the way, do guys care about this anyway??!!)

“Can I shower before you, I have a surprise for you and I need to get ready before you” And I can see his body react in a second after I told him this.

It all started off well, within minutes I was kneeling on the floor with my costume on. The sexy maid costume (as the picture shown, bought online at the the saxy club) He seemed like he was in heaven, breathing so fast, grinding his hips against my mouth, grabbing his his fully erected weapon to my mouth. (See? I told you, man easily get sexcited)

But then the problems started. After the blow job and foreplay, we moved into the bed, I got out some new lube to try out on him (also got it at the same store). After a while we got a condom and he penetrated me. Straightaway he said he was gonna cum, so I asked him to stop moving so it would give me time to catch up. A moment later I started to sit on him, but then he lost his erection and he pulled out of me.

I whipped the condom off and sucked him, tried to get him erected again. It took a while for him to get a response, but eventually he reached for another condom. And he lost it with number two within seconds. (Now I know some guys have problems with condoms) So I suggest trying out one of my condoms (durex feather lite, which always had it in my bag for emergency use). We try that and for a moment, it all looks good: he is thrusting away inside me, I am wet as hell and minutes away from climaxing. And then he pulls out again, apologises for his off performance and we lie next to each other cuddling.

I won't pretend to him that I wasn't disappointed. (Of course I was, it's been couple of months that I didn't had sex and this is what I got after starving for so long???) And I was lying there with a soaking wet aheemmm.. that needed filling up. I tried not to be bitchy and told him to relax and not to worry about it. I stroked his chest and kissed him back gently on his mouth.

And we lay there for a while, then he said he was going to make a move. His behaviour doesn't surprise me, but it does annoy me. What the heck? Leaving me all alone like this?? Will I never learn?