Thursday, March 20, 2008

Relationship? Affair?

Can a true relationship come out of a lustful affair? It is hard to say if you never experience it. About three months ago, having sworn off one night stands, I allowed a very handsome and interesting man to seduce me. We saw each other once I stepped in the bar and I walked straight to the stool chair next to him. It was a pleasant evening talking to a good looking guy with vast knowledge of everything. After few drinks and we felt we were clicking to each other, we were heading to the 5 star hotel nearby. It was very passionate and I began thinking monogamously, which made him retreat. We still see each other as "friends" with no sex and only some flirting. I still think he's great and my respect for him grows, and I think his appreciation for me is maturing. Just wait and see...

I m Sorry, I Am Too Capable

Yesterday I just chatted with my friend through MSN about why I still remain single, after 6 years of single life. My answer to him is : I am too capable that scares all the men away!!

No joke, just imagine, your girlfriend has 3 C, car, cash and condominium (I even better, I have my a bungalow house :-) ), I managed my finance, personal and social life very well, and I know all the house chores from changing the water tap to painting the house, guys for sure will run away with me.

They feel that their manhood and dignity being challenged, their felt threatened with woman's capability and confident. Men have this ego that tells them to be the provider, to take care of the vulnerable woman. When a woman exhibits strong character, intelligence, and an inclination to express her opinion many men read it as if she's saying that she doesn't need him;

I'm sure it's often not the intended message. Women have been evolving for decades, and only in the past 35 years have really asserted themselves in a lot of ways. Men have fought the evolution the entire way, but seem to be slowly changing so they can accept relationships without always being the protector.

Am I wrong for being too capable? I am not as good as this woman :

and nor as sexy and pretty as this woman :

and I am not as rich this woman :

I am plain jane, low profile, humble, with intelligent and 'presentable'.... who dare to want me???