Saturday, February 19, 2011

Erotic Office I

It was a lovely morning today. I am wearing a black low cut neckline that exposed part of my breast and my sexy cleavage, a skirt that showing half of my long and slender legs and a black lacy garter, I know man always has wild imagination with womens' garter.

It is after office hour, other staffs had left the office, and only me and Steven left in the office. I knocked on his office door and walked in. I purposely dropped a file beside him when I handed over to him, and while slowly bent over, I saw his eyes looking at me hungrily. I know my milky white boobs pop-out when I bent down. Steven's eyes can't get away from me. I know that I had grabbed his attention. I can proceed with my next move..

I sit with my arse on the edge of his desk, allowing my skirt to rise and my long slender legs to show. "This is the report that you requested, please check and inform me for any amendment ." I said.

I look around us,“we’re alone” I said. He raised his eye-brows. I hike my skirt up a little more and perches on the edge of the desk so that he can sees my perfecty rounded bum cheeks pressed against the desk.


Anonymous said...

wow this a real story that happen to u? cant wait to hear the next part

lankapo said...

wow interestingg ;P